Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hoppin' Along with our study of Frogs


They are jumping all over the house!

inside of the lapbook

front: colored frog & glued frogs
back cover: dot to to numbers 0-30
 We spent the month of March studying frogs. We studied about the metamorphosis of a frog, compared toads and frogs, why they sing, forms of defenses, where they live, and then we counted frogs for math, read the 5 speckled frogs, saw videos on frogs. We also watched a video on the 5 speckled frogs where the kids had fun singing, counting, and dancing to the music.
how they get bugs

We also put together a lapbook of various printouts that I had accumulated. I know of a couple sites where I got the information from. I would like to personally thank Home school Creations, 1+1+1=1, Raising Rock Stars Preschool & Kindergarten, Webkinz, and a few other minor sites. My sons enjoyed learning all about frogs. My daughter enjoyed the pictures of the frogs.

I had printed out a  poster of the frog's life cycle
and a math worksheet for him.

I had  laminated the poster to be able to reuse, but ll of the other stuff he enjoyed  cutting an gluing it all  together.

My sons and daughter had fun learning about frogs, counting frogs, coloring frogs, watching the videos, and even dancing to the song and video of "The 5 speckled Frogs".

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  1. We haven't done a lapbook in awhile...thanks for the reminder of them! I love the wheel of the frog lifecycle!