My family and me

I am a stay at home mom, wife, full time student (working towards my bachelors), teacher, and publisher.

I am a full time student, as stated before. I have completed my associates in Febuary and will be continuing on to get my bachelors degree in online marketing business degree. I am now back in college  working towards  my bachelors. I was able to transfer in as a junior which gives me 2 more years left.

These pictures are my family.

I have been married for a year to a wonderful man that has basically stepped into this challenging family. He has been wonderful and I thank God everyday for this wonderful man to call my  husband and step father to my sons. He has taken the boys under his wings and have helped to guide them and teach them to be a man.

This is my oldest son Troy, he is 17 yrs old. He is my  most challenged when it comes to behaviors, learning difficulties, Oppositional, ADHD, autistic spectrum and because he has a low IQ that adds to challenges for him and for the family. He is good with his hands and can  problem solve when he takes the time to think and slow down. He loves to learn and  wants to try to get to a 4th  grade  reading and math level so that he can at least get a decent  job to  help around the house. He is my walking encyclopedia on trucks of all sizes and trains of all types.

This is my 16yr old Joshua. He is my son with ADD impulsiveness. He  is very smart and loves dragons of all  kinds, web design, computer graphics, legos, and he wants to be an architect engineer. He is currently in the 9th grade.

This  is my  13 yr old son, Will. He is currently in the 7th grade and he has aspbergers and cystic fibrosis. He loves literature, math, puzzles, computers, online gaming, monopoly and life games, and finding ways to get out of doing his school  work. He spends a lot  of time in the hospital due to his cystic fibrosis.

This is my 11yr old son, Kobe. He i in the 6th grade and loves to learn new and exciting things. He loves to collect and build cars. He has tons of hot wheels,  models of cars, and watching movies about  cars. He is a walking encyclopedia on cars. He can look at a car and tell  you the model and maker. He has ADHD and aspbergers.

This is my smart little  5 yr old son Luke. He is loving school and is in Kindergarten working on 1st grade classwork. He loves all subjects, outdoors, sports, nature, and computers.

This is my 3 yr old son Aaron. He is my lil pigpen. He loves to learn everyday. He has come to me asking for school work like his brothers. He had self taught himself the upper and lower alphabet, numbers 0-9, and colors all by the time he turned 3. He wants to join his brother this coming school year, so we have decided to give him PreK & K work both on and off the computer. He loves to get on the computer like his brothers..

This is the Princes of the house and her name is Ruthanna Rose and she is 20 months old. She loves to pass out hugs and kisses to everyone. She also knows all of her brothers by  name, Grammy, and Daddy along with mommy. She loves to color, read books, plays with her cars, stuffed animals, and computers. We are gong to give her alphabet and number printables, coloring pages, and art with her brothers next year.