Sunday, November 20, 2011

POPCORN words (frequently used sight words)

My stuggles with these words so much, and with these being the mostly used words among the sight word's list, I  decided to make something fun for him to remember and practice these words in a way. I try to get practice worksheets for him to rewrite, find, and search out for these words. I go to sight words worksheets, Dolch Sight Word Activities, and popcorn words printables. I also have my son log into  Starfall's Learn to read and Progressive Phonics for free online books for him to read and build up his phonics and sight words. I have also found a list of these popcorn words at popcorn words and sight words kindergarten.

popcorn bucket
I have also created my own visual enforcer of these words for my son. I have created popcorn kernals with the words on them, a popcorn bucket (son colored in the stripes), and then I laminated them. I then added the words he knows, and will be adding 2 more a day until he is caught up with his class. I took some vanilla paper and drew the kernals on it, white poster board and made the popcorn bucket. 

please excuse the primative drawings... just a visual to help


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