Aspergers, ADHD, and Moderate Autism/MR

With having four sons with these issues, I have defiently experienced the good and the bad and many speed bumps along the winding road we call life.

My 16 yr old son has the Autistic spectrum/MR issues, he is in 10th grade and is schooling at a 2nd grade level. He has good days where he dont seem to show any symtoms of the autism, and then there are many days where he shows the behaviors and traits of the autism. He use to be in regular schooling until they decided to stop working with him and claim that he will never advance from the schooling level that he is at, but my take on that is, you never stop learning. He has seven more years (only for special education students) of formal schooling, and I would like him to learn all he can so that he can function the best he can in this world we live in.

My next son is 15 yrs old with ADD impulsive. He is in 9th grade and in regular courses. He is good student and loves to do math, but hates US history and now finds biology boring except for when there is labs. He wants to go to a good school for civil engineering and archietecture.

My third oldest son is 12 yrs old. He has aspergers and cystic fibrosis. He has a high IQ, but dont act like it. He has been told by regular school teachers that he can't do certain things in school, and now he refuses to do his wor. He is an overall acheiver in all subjects, but he excels in reading and math. He was reading at a 2nd/3rd grade level and doing multiplication and division at 5 yrs old, but now he thinks that he don't know how. Oh the many challeges of a child with the autistic spectrum disorder.

My fourth son has full blown ADHD. He has had symptoms since three yrs old, but officially dianosised in Kindergarten. I am against meds, but they have been a blessing with this child. Now he is in 6th grade and is a math wiz.

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