Saturday, August 4, 2012

Discounts, perks, and Freebies for Teachers & Homeschoolers!

Discounts, perks, and Freebies for Teachers & Homeschoolers!

All you hve to  do is go  to the link, fill  out the form and submit. You will be given a prntable car until your perment card and kit is mailed to you.

I did this as a homeschooler (with my homeschooling name) and there  was no problems.

MaxPerks Rewards for Teachers

Bring hands-on, minds-on Deep Earth Academy materials into your classroom today! Activities and lesson plans based upon authentic scientific ocean drilling data are available for a wide range of learning audiences including grades K-4, 5-8, 9-12, and post-secondary geosciences. They have free pencils, posters, models, books, videos, and more.  I filled out the form and they will  mail out the stuf in 4 weeks.  All of our resources are downloadable or available free of charge by completing our Deep Earth Academy Order Form.

Clorox Classroom

Lesson Plans, Whiteboard Activities and Take-Home Activities   Elementry Grades K-5

Here you’ll find in-depth and fun lesson plans, whiteboard activities and take-home activities that meet educational standards to help you teach your students about stopping the spread of germs, good hygiene and the importance of keeping classrooms clean. Search by grade or lesson type below. Also access additional resources for promoting a healthy classroom, tips from other teachers, and more. Students play detective to uncover the mystery of hidden germs, learn how germs spread, compare the cleanliness of different surfaces and more. Once your students complete a lesson or activity, deem them members of The Clean Club, a fun way to reward good behavior.

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