Tuesday, November 15, 2011

site word flower garden

My DS5 is having a hard time remmebering his site words, and he also finds them boring to go over, so I am always tring to find new ways to grab his attention long enough for him to remember them. I had him learning with that caterpiller idea where a new word is added and he can watch the body grow, but he lost interest in that real quick. SO, for now I am onto a new idea with dite words, a growing flower garden. Right now we have one flower growing, and it has not budded yet. ;o)

Sparklebox:Assemble a high-frequency word plant

I went onto the internet to search for ideas from fellow teachers and homeschoolers for suggestions and ideas to help him to learn them. I cam across this website called SPARKLEBOX.COM (ALL FREE). THey had other ideas for site words, but I thought that this one was kinda fun to watch and learn at the same time. I just love the idea that as my son learns new words he can watch the flower grow until it gets a bloom. I printed out the leaves and flower and then I laminated them for more stability. (gotta love the laminator). The flowers are growing in front of our Homemade apple tree that is being used for our character education.

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