Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Apple Character Tree (door to classroom)

Here is the start to my Apples for Character tree is made from brown shipping paper as the trunk, 4 sheets of green posterboard for the tree's leaves, and 1 posterboard for the ground.
 The apples look like this... I only will show a couple, but I will post the link to share the apples as my sons learn them. I downloaded the editable red apples on sparklebox.com and replaced the letters that were there with the character words. I will cut these out individually and then laminate them for more duribility. Then I can just tape them onto the tree. I have found that I can teach this to all of my children, and I know that it won't hurt starting out at a young age.

Green Editable Apples (Red is also available)
I have found numerous sites to help establish a list of characters that can be taught to children. There is also places to go to print out worksheets to aid in teaching these to children.
* nursery rhymes - characters      * Children w/good Character                                         
* Character Ed Themes              * character counts resources
* christian character                               There are also books that you can check out at your local library that can help with more assistance towards teaching these traits and virtues to help build up our children's character.

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