Thursday, November 17, 2011

CHRISTMAS Advent Crafts

I found these wonderful crafts that are for all ages (plus 2 yr olds).

These instructions will teach you how to make an advent calendar or two. Choose from a large selection of patterns! You can make fabric advent calendars, paper advent calendars, and so many others using these free craft projects. Waiting for Christmas Day to arrive can be tough. The anticipation of Santa's visit, family gatherings, and special gifts can make each day seem like an eternity, especially for kids. Something we have always used to help make the wait for Christmas a bit easier to handle is an advent calendar. The word advent originated from a Latin word meaning 'arrival'. With an advent calendar, you countdown each day until Christmas in a special way. You usually start the countdown on December 1st, but you can design your advent calendar to start on any day you like. Here are some advent calendars you can make to help you with the countdown to that special day.

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