Sunday, April 22, 2012

Homeschool Day Book Program

Quick and easy homeschool record keeping and time tracking

I recently got a chance to review and download a Homeschool Day Book to help keep track of their daily attenence and what the did their assignments. This day book is good for keeping track of the attendance and what the did, unfortunately no pictures can be added to the entries for a visual proof.
this is where ou can add the daily attendance by adding book entries on each subject and child to keep logs. As ou can see from the entr, I have recorded for m 3 yr old son's prewriting assignment.

I see this program is great for any form of homeschooling, even with the use of an online virtual school, this program is nice to keep track of any supplaments that you may add to their regular assignments. I can print off a printout of what they did and then send it into their teacher for credit since I use K12 for my children's main schooling. I can also add field trips to this log to help keep track of places we go for school.
this is the moonthly view of the attendance. As you see on the 20, I have  recored atendance for three of my children.
It first shows up to allow 7 children in the beginning steps, but after I finished the two steps, I was able to add more children to the manage Kids section, 

I have added my 7 children to this program, but it will allow me to add more. I have added my daughter into the log (she is 2 yrs old).

I was able to add to the subjects after I accepted the general list of subjects. I was also able to add special subjects for my toddler/preschooler so I can keep track of what the do along with their siblings. I like being able to record what the younger ones are doing so that it gives me a visual log of their progress. I can also add Unit studies to the subjects too.

THis is the subject area. As you can see in the list, I have added letters and coloring for my younger two children.I will also add Occupational Therapy for them where they will be learning cutting, beading, sizing, etc.

The last part of this program is the printing capabilities. With this program, I can printout a specific day or period to show proof of their attendance. I can choose either all of the kids or just 1 child and then I choose either one subject or a particular subject..

I have found this program to be useful and it also tames the paper tiger with not having to print out a new log sheet. I like the fact that I can keep logs of their attendance in one place and not worr about printing out sheets daily.

I would recomend this program for anone who is homeshooling any type of schooling. I feel that its beneficial to everyone. If ou are a homeschooling parent, you too can download this programm and try it out. If you like it and give it a review on your blog, they will give you the permenat code to allow to use it forever.


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