Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lots of learning in November

November was a busy month for us. I started out with my younger two sons with a theme "P is for pumkins" from confessions of a homeschooler's website. They learned the letter 5 and the color orange. I also enforced my older sons math with adding and subtracting pumpkins and the younger one counted them.

The next week we did "T is for Turkey" from 1+1+1=1's website. They had fun practing the color brown and the number 1. They had fun drawing turkeys, did a hand print turkey with finger pilgrims, learned abut the turkey, and the reason turkey is popular at thanksgiving.

For the next two weeks, we did a thanksgiving theme that I got from 2 mommies. THis theme was so cute. They learned the letters M, T, P, the same numbers 1 & 5, and the colors brown and orange. they did more crafts and learned about the history of thanksgiving.

For thanksgiving, we had a meal at home with my mom, husband, and children. We ate turkey, collard greens, homemade stuffing, glazed carrots, green beans, cranberry, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and then I had gourmet seasoned mushrooms and asparagus. I also made pumpkin and cheesecake pies for both dairy free and regular diets.

Normally on black Friday we put the tree up as a tradition, but this year we are a little bit behind schedule. I am hoping to get it up this week. I put out all of my snowmen and chistmas village.

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