Friday, October 21, 2011

FREE!!! Landry Academy 45 MINUTE seminars... FREE!!!

We offer Christ-centered online classes for 4th through 12th grade students on a wide variety of standard subjects such as math, literature, history, science, grammar, and several unique electives.

Free 45 Minute Online Seminars..
  • "Top 10 Homeschooling Mistakes - and How to Avoid Them"
  • "Anatomy and Physiology of the Pancreas"
  • "SAT and ACT - What You Should Know"
  • "There's Life in the Blood"
  • "So, You Want to be a Doctor - What it Takes Now and What to Expect"
  • "How to do Well on Timed Tests"
  • "But What About Socialization?" :)
  • "What You (students) Can Learn From My TA's.. the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"
  • "What I've Learned from Human Cadavers.. about Life, Death, God, and Anatomy"
  • "Working Toward Academic Excellence - A Practical and Biblical Guide"
  • "Scholarships for Homeschoolers"
  • "Creation Clues - The Urge (to go) and Other Rarely Thought of Human Body Characteristics"


  1. I'm enjoying your new blog, that's why I have nominated you for two blog awards.

  2. thank you for your kind words and nomination.